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Complex Litigation

Rajsich & Associates represents businesses and individuals in a broad variety of disputes before, during and after litigation and alternative dispute resolution. In many cases, we are able to achieve resolutions to disputes before they result in litigation. Other times, our clients need to turn to litigation or alternative dispute resolution to enforce their rights. We are poised to guide our clients through their dispute with economical and effective legal tools tailored to the clients’ unique needs.

Among other types of litigation we handle, Rajsich & Associates advises its clients in the following areas:

Fiduciary Liability & Shareholder Rights

We represent many directors, officers and owners of closely held corporations and limited liability companies in litigation involving fiduciary duties and shareholder rights. Often these disputes begin with a “freeze out” of a minority interest holder or self-dealing by the company’s directors or controlling owners. Rajsich & Associates is well-versed in the equitable and legal remedies available in corporate disputes, which at times involve emergency restraining orders, creative injunctive relief, or receivership to prevent further financial and reputational harm to businesses and their owners.

Protection of Trade Secrets

A business’s trade secrets may include a wide variety of information crucial to its goodwill and financial success, such as customer lists, confidential pricing information, and proprietary methods. Rajsich & Associates helps businesses to protect their trade secrets and to enforce legal and equitable rights against unlawful use or dissemination of those secrets by departing employees or disloyal fiduciaries.

Partnership and Family Disputes

Contentious litigation often derives from multi-generational business and family relationships as various interests diverge over time. Rajsich & Associates is adept at helping members navigate these types of disputes and protect their interests through litigation in civil and probate courts.

Contract Disputes

Contract disputes often involve the failure by one party to provide agreed-upon payment, services or goods. We have represented plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of contract disputes. Some examples of recent matters have involved the following:

- Breach of salvage contract for demolition of former aerospace factory;

- Publicly-traded pharmaceutical company’s failure to pay warrants to investment bank under PIPE contract;

- Breach of representations by seller in asset sale of technology hardware brokerage company;

- Breach by subsidiary of Fortune 200 company of SaaS contract for healthcare technology start-up’s web platform;

- Breach of brokerage contract for shipment of seafood to international distributor;

- Failure to honor real estate commission for sale of former campus of religious institution;

- Breach of agreements to purchase restaurants and liquor licenses;

- Commercial warranty breaches involving sale of yacht and sale of manufacturing equipment;

- Breach of talent management contract;

- Failure to pay performance-based incentives to seller following sale of national campus-laundry service business;

- Representation of commercial landlords and tenants for breach of lease;

- Misappropriation of profits and breach of property management agreement; and

- Breach of good faith and fair dealing obligation by Fortune 500 hardware manufacturer involving licensed South American distributor’s right of exclusivity.

Our litigation practice focuses on the state courts of Massachusetts and New York, as well as the federal courts of Massachusetts. Certain matters involving our clients sometime take us to other venues, as well. Recently, we have litigated cases in Connecticut, Georgia, and Texas through associations with local counsel in those areas.

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